Business strategy demonstrates Labour can’t be trusted with the economy

Sadly we are not very impressed by the Council’s draft business and economy strategy, as it fails to set out an ambitious vision of sustainable, fair and equitable growth.

Our criticism follows the publication of a draft business and economic strategy by the Labour Cabinet, which will determine how the Council supports local businesses over the coming years. The document demonstrates that Labour can’t be trusted with the future of Calderdale’s economy.

Cllr James Baker, Economy and Environment spokesperson said:

The report is comparable to someone who has planned a trip by throwing a load of useful items in the back of their car, but hasn’t thought where they are heading to.”

The report lacks ambition and focuses too much on the recession we are now emerging from, rather than planning for a future in which Calderdale prospers in a global economy. We believe that the strategy needs to do more to spell out how we will create more jobs and growth through building our exports and links to the global economy, sharing wealth through development of mutual and co-operatives and generating our own sustainable energy in a manner that reduces energy bills for local residents.”

In comparison, our vision is to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life. An economy in which businesses in Calderdale benefit from increasing exports with Europe and the wider world, an economy where we produce our own sustainable energy, an economy in which people share in the wealth we create together.”

We will be submitting a full response to the consultation that is currently open, and we hope in due course that the Labour-run Cabinet will take on board our suggestions on how to build a stronger economy within Calderdale.