Creating jobs here in Calderdale

We are passionate about crating jobs here in Calderdale. When we were running the Council we made certain that it was helping to support and grow businesses through Business Networks, especially for Creative, Manufacturing, Green and Tourism. We worked more closely with Calderdale College and local universities to develop skills and we set up Business breakfasts so that the Council can talk directly to businesses.

In government Liberal Democrats have


  • Helped 1.2 million people start an apprenticeship since 2010, including 5,140 in Calderdale.
  • Giving up to 2,930 businesses and charities in Calderdale a £2,000 jobs tax cut. This could be worth up to £10,400,000 in tax cuts and could enable every local business to employ one extra person on a £22,400 salary or four extra people on the minimum wage, without having to pay any extra tax.
  • Secured a £473,000 grant for local business Holts Brothers Ltd, creating 268 jobs across nine sites. The grant will help deliver a £28.5m project to develop the UK supply chain for gearboxes used in the manufacturing of wind turbines.
  •  Given a £175,000 grant to a project to improve local cycling and green travel at Calder Valley Greenway – Colne bridge/Bradley to Brighouse. The project involves constructing Calder Valley Greenway up to district boundary with Calderdale including links on upper quarry road and on to Park Lea, Beadley.
  • Given £4,856,893 to support West Yorkshire Council to create 833 new homes in Calderdale, either new ones or by bringing back empty homes, helping create jobs and giving the local construction industry a much-needed boost.