Halifax’s Labour MP set to back Tory and UKIP’s Hard Brexit.



Theresa May has said she wants to take the UK out of the single market. This is the hard Brexit that the likes of Nigel Farage and UKIP have campaigned for. Despite this Halifax’s Labour MP Holly Lynch has said she will back the Conservative Government’s plans to trigger Article 50 and vote to take us out of the EU.

A hard Brexit will put jobs in Calderdale at risk, and make people struggling to get by poorer. That’s why Calderdale Liberal Democrats are challenging the Government’s plans. We respect the result of the referendum, but we also think people should be given the democratic choice to have their say on the final deal, and if they don’t like the facts of that deal to change their minds.  The Liberal Democrats will only vote to trigger Article 50 if the British people get a say on the final deal.

Councillor James Baker who has been selected to stand for Halifax for the Liberal Democrats if there is a snap general election said:

“From Trump to Putin, to the far right parties here in the UK, an ugly nationalism is on the rise. Trump who backs Brexit and is friends with Farage wants the EU to fail ”

“The European Union was forged after the second world war to prevent conflict, and to protect the rights of European citizens. It seeks to bring people of different nations and different backgrounds together in a project of peace, security and human endeavour.”

“If Labour vote for Article 50 as Corbyn has instructed they will be helping Theresa May pursue a hard Brexit. A Brexit that will see us having to suck up to Trump a man who wants to destroy the EU.  If Holly Lynch backs Brexit she will be on the wrong side of history.”


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