Flooding recovery: next steps

So what I’m doing next: today I’m talking with UCVR/Business Forum about what needs to be done to help shops and businesses badly affected by the floods get back on their feet.

As the Coouncil reopens and staff come back to work, I’m going to make certain that my list of things to start to get done is put intoo action. I’m concerned about the impact of flooding in certain areas of my ward: I’ve already emailed the Council (largely Highways) about these. I’m asking that parking charges be suspended in areas affected by flooding and I want to make sure that happens. I’m checking that the markets will take place this week especially in Hebden Bridge (there was a market in Todmorden yestedya). Hebden Bridge has also not got any working cash dispensers and something needs to be done about that.

I’m going to continue to walk and drive around my ward: I’ve heard from a resident of Old Town and want to check whether there’s a landslide on Heights Road.


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  1. clare Townley says:

    who is talking here – a little confusing which ward

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