Liberal Democrats call for green spaces to be protected


As Calderdale Council launches its consultation on the proposals for allocating land for future house-building in Calderdale, Calderdale Liberal Democrats are launching a campaign to protect greenbelt around towns and villages, and open spaces within towns and villages.

Cllr James Baker said:

“We are really concerned about some areas of land apparently marked for potential house-building sites all across Calderdale”. In my own ward, it looks as though the Council is proposing that houses be built on playing fields, parks and allotments, as well as around villages in the open countryside where road access is poor”.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat group, Cllr Janet Battye added: “

We know that there is a need to build more affordable housing and social housing, but we think that the Council should look first at existing planning permissions – some 3,000 houses with permission have not yet been built – and then brownfield land which has already been built on, as well as pressing harder to bring empty buildings into use.”

“It’s also disappointing that more imaginative approaches don’t seem to be being considered, such as looking at how we might use the Garden Cities approach in Calderdale.

“We’re encouraging local people to look very carefully at these land allocation plans on which the Council is currently consulting and make their views known.”

There is a need for local affordable housing and more social housing, but expensive houses build in desirable greenbelt areas will not help struggling families looking to buy a home or move to a less crowded home. Alternative developments on brownfield sites will not only be cost-efficient, but also energy-efficient as they will minimise the need to travel. We can create local communities without compromising green spaces.

You can sign our petition calling on the Council to protect greenbelt around towns and villages, and open spaces within towns and villages here.

You can view the consultation and make comments on it here

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3 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats call for green spaces to be protected

  1. Lisa Milsom says:

    Stop the spread, we need our green spaces!!

  2. Carl Lawrence says:

    I am deeply concerned about the Green Belt Review as it would seem to open the door for building developments on green fields in and around many of the hill-top villages with valued historical settings and Wildlife corridors. Such developments would also remove land from tenant farmers and stymie the hopes of future generations wanting to pursue such an occupation.

  3. Susan M Jackson says:

    Calderdale seems intent on getting money from the Government’s pot to build houses on Green Belt areas. Where is the money coming from to sort the highways infrastructure. Already driving around Calderdale the roads are in desperate need of high end maintenance. It is time for the Calderdale Council Planning to look at the needs of the larger majority of Council Tax Payers, by providing services for these, other than for the minority who need to be taken care of. Schools are necessary for new developments and doctors surgeries. The area where I live was built with the intention of it becoming a village! 277 homes the majority of which were purchased by private residents. We campaigned vigorously for a bus, we have a small park paid for by the residents and developers. No shop, 2 infant junior schools are within walking distance and over subscribed. Doctors oversubscribed, no dentist locally. The infrastructure is poor. Sustaining further properties on land which is going to prove expensive to change from small woodland due to natural water flow from hillside, which David Wilson Homes found out as did Southdale where they left site prior to completion and Strategic who have found the work more testing than expected due to water and drainage (hence Webster’s brewery making their beer) will benefit only a few. Time Calderdale took a good look at all properties which are left empty, and house people in need there, rather than building new and leave properties abandoned.

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