Labour party attempt to exclude Liberal Democrats from local parliamentary debates

The Calderdale Labour party is attempting to exclude Liberal Democrats from a series of debates on the future of the NHS and the General Election in 2015. When these debates were proposed, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Alisdair Calder McGregor immediately requested a full, open and honest debate from all sides. Labour say they want debate on the future of the NHS but then seek to exclude other political parties, and views. That’s not how democracy should work.

In an email to other participants of the event Labour party organiser Adam Wilkinson states “We do not feel it would be right or fair for there to be two people representing the government – both of whom support the Health and Social Care Act. We therefore do not agree to the inclusion of the Liberal Democrats on this occasion.”

Commenting Alisdair Calder McGregor Liberal Democrat PPC for Calder Valley said “The Liberal Democrats have a very different view from both the Conservative Party and Labour about how the NHS should operate. In Government we have ensured an extra 6,000 new Doctors have started work since 2010. It was Liberal Democrats who stopped Conservative privatisation plans and reversed some of Labour’s policies which meant private health companies got special favours. Perhaps Labour are scared we will draw attention to their own record of privatisation and their disastrous PFI deal that has cost Calderdale Royal Hospital millions and puts services at risk.

We will happily debate any selected parliamentary candidates from any party. As soon as the Green Party, UKIP or anyone else select a candidate, we would like them to be included too.”

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