Demand for Calderdale Council to consider energy from waste on Cromwell Bottom landfill site

Liberal Democrat Councillors are concerned about the environment impact of the Council’s decision to burn off methane at the Cromwell Bottom former landfill site between Brighouse and Elland. They are asking the Economy and Environment scrutiny panel to consider whether the gas released at the site can be filtered to remove pollutants, and then put to use creating energy.

 “This is another of those problems that I had to make sure we sorted out when I became Leader of the Council in May 2010” said Cllr Janet Battye (Leader of the Liberal Democrat group and ward Councillor for Calder ward). I welcome the progress made in sorting out the old landfill site, but I want to be sure that everything possible is being done to use this landfill gas productively as a source of energy.”

“The Council should be taking a leading role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy, so we can’t let this opportunity go by.”



  Councillor James Baker the Deputy Chair of the Economy and Environment Scrutiny panel said “The proposal is to burn the gas off by ‘flaring’. I am concerned that this may create dioxins which could damage local people’s health. These dangerous chemicals are created by burning hydrocarbons such as methane with chlorine, which is present in landfill gas, in the presence of oxygen.”

“I want the panel to double-check this to ensure the gas will be properly filtered and then, if possible, is put to a productive use to power homes or heat water in boilers.”

This issue will be considered at an extra meeting of Calderdale Council’s Scrutiny Panel being called on Monday, June 17th at 6pm in Halifax Town Hall.

2 thoughts on “Demand for Calderdale Council to consider energy from waste on Cromwell Bottom landfill site

  1. Colin D says:

    Cromwell Bottom should achieve full LNR status to include that of North Loop and consistent with the direction given by the Environment Agency to return the Valley in so far as possible to its original state . In 17 years of recording down there and in 12 years of delay in capping the final loop I have never achieved help or concern from any party until Funding for energy projects raised its ugly head Surly the key stakeholders are the groups and above all the flora and fauna dependent on this site

  2. concerned citizen says:

    I am surprised on how the wildlife is surviving considering the amount of pollution that gets put in the river, nevermind the leaching. Money doesn’t care about the air we breathe, nor do the greedy people who line their pockets, at the expense of others.

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