Campaign against speeding on Moor End Rd results in action.

We are delighted that Calderdale Council will be taking action to tackle problems with speeding that have been affecting residents on Moor End Rd in Warley ward. Evidence collected by the Council’s Speed Indicator Device (SID) show that there are consistently high volumes of speeding traffic along this stretch of road.  Residents on live on the road have had their parked cars smashed into, resulting in soaring insurance costs. In addition there was a tragic accident on this stretch of the road that resulted in a fatality.

Liberal Democrat Councillors Ashley Evans and James Baker have been campaigning for the Council to take action on this issue. This campaign has been covered in the local Courier newspaper, and reported in our local Focus newsletters, and websites.  As a result of this campaign Council officers have been working hard to think up some changes that would help to tackle the problem.

Commenting on the scheme Councillor Evans said: “This’ good news, and should make a useful, relatively low cost, contribution to safety on the road.”

A copy of the plans they have drawn up can be downloaded below. As you can see the proposed hatchings would narrow the road, and make it clear the corner  before the bus stop has to be taken at a slower speed. We hope the work is carried out quickly, and we will ensure that traffic speeds are continually monitored to asses what impact the changes have made.

Download the plans – MoorEnd Road-Woodlesford

Twenty is plenty – but is it practical?

At Calderdale Council Cabinet’s meeting on 7th October, Cllr Ashley Evans  welcomed the proposal to consult the public about the introduction of a 20mph speed limit in residential areas across Calderdale but questioned how and whether it would work.

“I’ve been campaigning to reduce the speed of traffic in my ward, especially on Roils Head Road and Moor End Road” he said “but even where a 20mph speed zone has been introduced, the Speed Indicator Device (SID) shows that many people are still doing more than 30mph. Some drivers just ignore the existing speed limits, so just changing the limit is not going to tackle those really dangerous drivers who put lives at risk.”

“I’m firmly of the view that it’s not enough just to say that we’re going to do this as a blanket measure across Calderdale, it’s got to be part of a much bigger campaign, with real enforcement” said Cllr Evans.