57 thoughts on “Petition to protect Calderdale’s green spaces

    • Simon Zonenblick says:

      Than you Calderdale Lib Dems for highlighting and responding to this increasing problem. It is vital we protect these spaces for the sake of wildlife, the environment, and for public health.

  1. Barbara Oakes says:

    The ‘dale’ in Calderdale describes our land..do not destroy the ‘dale! I agree wholeheartedly with James and Ashley there are other sites that should be looked at and seriously considered.

  2. Jeanette Pilling says:

    Please do not build houses on our ever reducing green areas for all of the community

  3. j.charlesworth says:

    it will not make a scrap of difference petition or not you went round asking for signatures for the school at highroad well and you were already building at night so people didnt know what was going on look at the size of it now —-just like the mosque look at the size of that why do we bother lies lies and more lies waste of money they will still get permission —whoes gonna stop them —money talks

  4. carole nicholl says:

    Where do they expect children to play and have sports areas if not at the side of school I say no to more housing on theses sites.

  5. David Johnson says:

    This is a disgrace. Greedy developers should not be allowed to destroy any of our disappearing green spaces.Makes me wonder if some councillors or council officers have a hidden agenda…

  6. Nigel Razzell says:

    Living in Warley, it is clear that these proposals are just sheer vandalism – access to the village will not support additional housing, our roads are already crumbling and (as a shhool governor) there is no space to extend the school, something which would be necessary with this sort of expansion of housing. The children and school would also lose their only significant oputside play areas. This will be discussed at a school governig body meeting.

  7. carolyn hamer says:

    Keep your hands off our green belt! We are proud of our countryside.

  8. Ann Schofield says:

    I have signed the partion to stop the building of houses on green belt, playing fields, parks and allotments I am against these plans.

  9. Mark illingworth says:

    I am 50 years old now and was brought up and played in the Warley ward with very fond memories. I agree we need more affordable housing built in the appropriate places but not in the lovely green spaces that they propose. I am totally against this and you have my full support.

    Mark Illingworth

  10. renata clarke says:

    i have lived on albert view for the past 25 years the only reason we purchased the house was the stunning views and the fact on tbe research done by our solicitor the allotments had been given a 100 year lease

  11. Neil and Barbara Anderton says:

    Considering the history of the Warley Township it is unacceptable to contemplate taking away the village play area, cricket field and immediate green belt land which protects it and gives the village its unique identity. Build on these sites in haste and you spoil it for ever.

  12. clifford williams says:

    Behind Vicar park. Vicars Lot, part of the Warley enclosure. Rifle range during WW2, Ordenance? Bridle way. Rights of way, bridle club. Infrastructure, wood orchids, elevation.
    You have probably already thought of all these.

  13. emma says:

    I’ve been brought up along side the moor and it is a big part of my life. I spent hours playing on there building dens, riding my bike, playing tig, walking and playing with my dog, running around and playing on the park. I still now 26 years later, run around the moor, walk my dog, and will bring my child up playing up there. I never had or wanted a games console or spent hours in front of the t.v. I played on the park after school and trained for football and cross country on the fields at warley. All because of the green spaces in the local area. I enjoy the outdoors and want my child to be able to play out on these spaces and enjoy them instead of having to play on the pavements or the road.

  14. Stacey bousfied says:

    Leave roils head moor alone!!!!!like we can walk the streets with our dogs with al these curb crawlers around yet you go and take away the only place we can actually take the dogs. Can’t go in warley park on warley road as you get scared out of it. Council is a joke

  15. David and June Illingworth says:

    There are many brown sites for houses, we need green spaces for life and a feeling of wellbeing.
    Conservation sites and recreation areas should never be even be considered .

  16. DEBBIE WOOD says:


  17. Hilary Thwaites says:

    We know that there is a need to build more affordable housing and social housing, but we think that the Council should look first at existing planning permissions – some 3,000 houses with permission have not yet been built – and then brownfield land which has already been built on, as well as pressing harder to bring empty buildings into use.

    It’s also disappointing that more imaginative approaches don’t seem to be being considered, such as looking at how we might use the Garden Cities approach in Calderdale. There is a need for local affordable housing and more social housing, but expensive houses build in desirable greenbelt areas will not help struggling families looking to buy a home or move to a less crowded home. Alternative developments on brownfield sites will not only be cost-efficient, but also energy-efficient as they will minimise the need to travel. We can create local communities without compromising green spaces.

  18. pamela whippey says:

    greenbelt land and wildlife corridor
    deer owls and bats
    Surrounded by narrow roads which can’t take any more traffic already dangerous
    TPO orders on trees

  19. kay jones says:

    We do not want houses on our green belt land. The land at Roils Head moor was supposedly left to the people of the area. We walk our dogs , our children play safely.
    There is not enough services for houses on this land. How will the GP surgeries cope, what about the impact of traffice, schools, services.
    The land at Roils Head is very high,

  20. Anne F E Teal says:

    Brownfield before greenbelt please. For the sake of our environment.

  21. Julie Sunderland says:

    protect the land

  22. Diane Holgate says:

    Why not regenerate areas for housing instead of cutting into the ever decreasing green belt. This is common sense which the council don’t seem to have in any areas of its business.

  23. Nicola Appleyard says:

    Mount Tabor has stunning views and green belt, to build the amount of houses such as – proposed development of 110 houses on the green belt land is disastrous for the village. This will have a massive impact on the road safety, schooling and the general services.

  24. Katharine Taylor-Smith says:

    Please consider that green belt land is that for a reason. We need to protect these spaces for the future & to prevent further global warming. The ecology of the area is important – many wildlife species that are protected use these green spaces as a natural habitat.
    In addition, small villages doubling in size is not sustainable for schools & other amenities. It creates unnecessary chaos & destroys the area. Things will not be the same again & the green spaces can never be retrieved. We need to protect this planet for future generations & look to using existing empty properties for housing needs.

  25. Richard Clegg says:

    I wish to sign the petition opposing the building of 200 houses on green belt land at Mount Tabor.
    How may I do this please?
    Kind regards,
    Rik Clegg

  26. s moody says:

    I am very disappointed to see Halifax council would even consider building houses on this land. incidently I tried to buy this land 10 years ago when the land owner said it would allways be needed for farming,I suggest they might get 200 houses on a more suitable place like Saviile park.
    ps.we don’t want any more houses inmount tabor
    S. Moody.

  27. Mr J B McGinnis says:

    There is room for 200 houses on Savile park moor, close to the hospital, a good school, shops and supermarket and within a walking distance to town. The bus service is regular. This must be the most ideal place to put affordable housing for people on low incomes.

  28. george moore says:

    there are numerous empty/derelict buildings in Halifax that should first be allocated for housing without the need to use green belt and

  29. M Tomlinson says:


    This field homes livestock cows and calfs. wildlife voles,moles, rabbits flocks of birds and bats. this land is greenbelt keep mount tabor a beautiful green rural village .

  30. Richard Nejman says:

    I’m in the process of buying a house in mount tabor and now feel reluctant to go ahead as only wanting to live there for the breathtaking scenery and the tranquility of the village.

  31. Margaret Clayton says:

    I am in total agreement about saving our green spaces, we want want what is best for everyone in our area. Do not not let them ruin our remaining countryside which is a delight to wander through.

  32. Philip Hutchinson says:

    The council should concentrate on re-generation as opposed to new build.
    The incentive to build on green belt land is money, going into somebody’s pocket probably the corrupt council coffers, or corrupt councillors!!!
    Leave the green belt be!

  33. Julia Walton says:

    Please keep green space green!

  34. John Muir says:

    I agree that the proposed development seems to be totally ignoring the need for space and the alternatives that are available for building.

    • Alison Jones says:

      This is a blatant disregard to the human benefit and communal need for green spaces! Building over allotments for goodness sake!! With SO many people depending on food banks SURELY we need all our allotments! Potential we can increase the number of allotments for people to grow virtually free fresh food on the green spaces we have. Houses can be built on waste industry land, and our old disused housing stock can be renovated. So many old classic buildings in Calderdale can be renovated for housing use and keep the unique traditional character of area.

  35. Anne Veal says:

    A loss of well used recreational facilities at a time when we should be encouraging our children to play outside and the effect of additional traffic pressure on village roads makes it difficult for me to see what benefits this would bring.

  36. Kath says:

    totally unacceptable to be building on all of these green field sites when there are so many brown field sites nearby !

  37. Lisa Drinkwater says:

    I am deeply distressed and concerned at the amount of greenfield sites presently under consideration for building. It’s as if it’s green belt has no meaning anymore. There are plenty of brownfield sites which can be built on, but these are being ignored as it’s easier and cheaper to build on virgin green belt. Infrastructure is also being ignored. All that is being thought about is quotas and numbers. Soon Britain will no longer be a green and pleasant land but a grey concrete crowded land. No green belt sites should even be considered until ALL brownfield land has be utilised.

  38. Yvonne Ratledge says:

    If this went ahead where are the children going to go to school and what about the extra Doctors needed to accomodate all these extra people.

  39. Jon Veal says:

    I understand that there is a strong case for additional homes to be built within the Calderdale area. However I simply cannot understand the logic of proposing certain sites, namely Warley Village and the immediate area, as the local infrastructure (narrow roads , amenities etc.) simply does not support an increase to the local population. The plans also propose the conversion of the Village playground along with sporting / recreation areas into housing sites, which the local School relies heavily upon for use by the recently increased number of pupils who attend the school.

  40. Pat Wood says:

    So often it seems that the cheapest, short term solutions are provided to the social problems of the day in order to provide instant gratification for the Party which implements them. Schools that are decaying within 30 years of being built, houses that are unfit to live in after 20 – 30 years. Can we, for once, go into the very real need to provide new homes with considered thought for what future generations might appreciate, i.e.homes near the town centre which provide easy access to shops and services without the use of cars. Homes which also will last and have been well built and designed for a variety of occupancy needs.
    Will these cost more? Short term, possibly. Long term – a financial bargain with less road congestion, pollution and stress. Our money should benefit the future as well as the present..

  41. Glenda Gibson says:

    The land around Dodnaze Estate is totally unsuitable for building extra houses. The access is bad, the prospects of extra flooding is bad. There are no amenities on the estate other than the Small Community Centre. Dodnaze is already built on loads of water springs and the back lane is flooded and the verges and back gardens on Manor Drive are waterlogged at times.
    The whole area is Green belt land and once it’s gone it’s gone, we cannot ever get this back.
    The area between Dodnaze and Sandygate is very wet and to think of building on this land is ridiculous. Sandy gate is very bad access and couldn’t stand any extra traffic or heavy plant (HGV) etc.
    Protect our Green spaces at all costs, build on brown land and nearer to the amenities etc.

  42. martin hartley says:

    PLEASE save your lovely Yorkshire countryside

  43. martin hartley says:

    Say no to development in mount tabor and wainstalls save our village

  44. martin hartley says:

    There are loads of run down parts of Calderdale that are more suitable to build on waste land run down factory’s etc please don’t destroy our lovely countryside

  45. What about our green spaces our children’s playgrounds & our beautiful country views! We live on the edge of the countryside & would lose our views! Who wants to look out onto a load of houses when we have had green fields previously! Do the people who want this live in the area? Er no obviously not! This is unacceptable & we must fight for our green spaces!!!!

  46. Jan Bridget says:

    I fought hard, along with others, to stop the Old Royd estate being built in the early 1990’s. It was made a site of special interest and now it is up again to build on. Words cannot describe my frustration.

  47. John Anon says:

    I was about to sign this until I saw the small print. Why can’t it be done without threat of “Liberal Democrats and their elected representatives” contacting me?

    • jamesbaker says:

      Because we like to get in touch with people about the campaign. If you want to opt out of communication form us you can just contact us and we will put you on a do not contact list.

  48. Peter Neale says:

    The Warley development would see the disappearance of a football playing field and a cricket playing field used by pupils of Warley School. The latest Government initiative seeks to protect and enhance playing field provision. Statutory Instrument 2015/595 requires Sport England to be consulted on all planning applications for development affecting playing field land. Shouldn’t Calderdale Council be discussing their intentions with Sport England now?
    On a practical level, car parking provision for residents and for parents ferrying their children to and from school is already woefully inadequate and makes car parking within walking distance of the school extremely problematic. Removing the existing residents’ car park without making alternative provision would exacerbate those problems.

  49. kate esrnshaw says:

    We need to protect our green spaces there are fewer places now to excecise which is proven to support good health and wellbeing . Brown sites should’ve developed instead stop eroding the countryside we will end up a concrete jungle. Places for recreation which are really well used should be saved – hands off!!

  50. I have already submitted a letter to Calderdale Council outlining my views on the proposed developments.

  51. Robin Fawcett says:

    we are both very concious of the need to preserve our open spaces in our beautiful Calder Valley There are plenty of ‘Brown’ sites available for new housing!

  52. Brian Middleton says:

    I am very disappointed that the Council are planning to virtually double the size of Mount Tabor with these plans. There is not the infrastructure, one small primary school which is already over subscribed, no doctor, no shops to speak of and the road traffic has already increased significantly over the last 10 years.

    Also, why consider building affordable housing in an area that faces extremes of weather in the winter with the associated problems of heating and access to homes. People already have to park their cars away from their houses at the side of the road because of snow and ice and this would make things a lot worse.

    Come on members of Calderdale Council, try doing what you are paid to do and find a proper and realistic solution not a knee jerk one.

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