Petition on traffic congestion through Hipperholme

Alisdair McGregor is running an active campaign to try and sort out traffic problems in the area. In contrast Hipperholme and Lightcliffe Ward has been represented by Conservative Councillors for years, but what have they done to tackle traffic problems in the area? And then when Labour tried to tackle the congestion problem their unpopular solution was to try and knock down the centre of Hipperholme to allow even more traffic to travel through the area.

We are campaigning for a more holistic approach to tackle the problem. We believe the flow of traffic through the wider transport network needs to be examined. Where possible traffic needs to be diverted along better routes. We also need to try and make it easier to travel on other modes of transport such as buses and trains. In addition we need to adopt the latest technology to help manage the traffic flow through the network.

We believe this problem is not just about faster journey times. Air pollution called by congestion is a major public health issue for people who live in Hipperholme. We know that every year air pollution kills ten times as many people in Calderdale as traffic accidents do. That’s why we need urgent action now.

Our petition is calling for the funding needed for a full detailed feasibility study by experts into how to solve this problem. Please sign it and join our positive campaign that is seeking to tackle congestion and air pollution.