Don’t demolish our College

“Don’t demolish Todmorden Community College and give the local community a chance to run it” says local Liberal Democrat Town Councillor Janet Battye. “That’s the simple message that local people are trying to give to Calderdale Council. And nearly 1,000 people have already signed the petition.

“If Calderdale Council decide that they don’t need the building any more, the next thing they should do is to give the opportunity to local people to see if they need it and can run it themselves.

“At this week’s Development Board meeting, it seems that Calderdale Council’s Labour Cabinet is now listening to the views of local people and that it’s likely that, with the probability of the building registered as a “community asset” under the Localism Act, this will “pause” the sale of the building to Aldi for 6 months and give us that time to work the plans up.”

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