Labour’s running of the NHS in Wales is nothing short of a national scandal.

If English voters want to see what a Labour health service will look under Ed MIliband they should look no further than Wales. Under Labour A&E targets have never been met, budgets have been slashed and urgent cancer treatment target are routinely missed. They may be the party of Mid-Staffs but their record in Wales is just as shocking. Labour uses the language of equality but poor services do poor people down

Labour in Wales:

  • 8% cut to the health budget in Labour-run Wales.
  • A&E targets have never been met.
  • Over 40% of patients wait more than 6 weeks for their diagnostic test.
  • The last time the urgent cancer treatment target was met was in 2008.
  • Referral to treatment targets are routinely missed.
  • There’s no cancer drugs fund.
  • Four out of six health boards in Wales have a higher than average mortality rate.
  • Worst ambulance response times in UK.

Commenting on the new Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Halifax Mohammad ILYAS said:

Health is another big issue in the area.Ensure that everyone can access to NHS services in shortest time. Liberal Democrats support to provide these services on local level. We understand the importance of family and how relatives help take care of one another, looking after each other,so that ‘s why Liberal democrats announced plans to help support, who cares for sick or disabled family members.Under lib dem, government around one million carers in the UK would benefit from an annual bonus.
Liberal Democrats recognise the invaluable work of carers and understand how important respite is to them.The bonus, which would be worth £250 by the end of the next parliament ,will be made as an annual payment and can be spent on whatever the carer chooses.It would put extra money in the hands of those who needs it,leaving them free to make there own decision on how best to spend it.

A £7.million investment by NHS England to creat 50 new inpatient beds for children and young people and better case management ,so that children with with specialist needs get the right care in the right place as close as possible to their homes and families.
Recently calderdale Lib Dem had campaigned to keep A&E in Halifax .so local people can have access to A&E easily in shortest time whenever they needed.

To build a fair society health has got to be a priority for everyone .


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