We need cross-party working on Calderdale Council to guide us through Brexit


This evening I have contacted both the Council leader, chief executive and leader of the Conservative group to propose the formation of a cross-party group to steer our Borough through the impact of the referendum result.

There are economic consequences and other implications to the Council in leaving the EU, many of which have not been thought out or explored. It is also now apparent that the leave campaign had no plan as to what would happen if they won. With the Prime Minister’s announcement that he is stepping down the country appears to have been left without effective government.

As Liberal Democrats our position on Europe has always been clear. We respect the result of the referendum but our beliefs have not changed.  We still believe our nation is better off in Europe. We will continue to campaign for a Britain in Europe.

This is a time of great uncertainty and worry for many people. We want to work constructively with other political parties locally in Calderdale to ensure our Borough is best prepared to weather any uncertainty, and take advantage of any opportunities that arise. That is why we are proposing a cross-party steering group to provide leadership and stability. It is the right thing to do to help the people of Calderdale in this time of uncertainty.

Councillor James Baker,

Leader of Calderdale Liberal Democrats

Tonight our thoughts are with Jo Cox’s family

This evening many of us are reacting to the shocking news that one of our West Yorkshire MPs Jo Cox was brutally killed whilst serving her community.

Jo was a passionate supporter of positive contribution immigrants can bring to our communities, the plight of Syrian refugees, and the need to stay a member of the European Union. These are all causes and values that many Liberal Democrats hold dear.

Tonight we stand shoulder to shoulder with the politicians in West Yorkshire’s Labour movement who we know and work alongside with . Many of whom will be grieving the loss of a friend. Our thoughts go out to Jo’s family, no child should lose a mother and no husband should lose a wife in such a hateful act. We hope some small crumb of comfort is taken in the knowledge that the values that Jo stood for will never be extinguished as easily as her life was brutality taken today.

All of our local campaigning for the European Referendum is currently suspended in respect of Jo. We will return to this campaign with zeal however, and return to it in the knowledge that we are fighting for light, peace, and international cooperation against the tide of dark nationalistic hatred that is sweeping our country.

Councillor James Baker, Leader of Calderdale Liberal Democrats

Grave concern following the seizure of Calderdale Conservatives Accounts by the Police and the resignation of the chair of the Conservative Association

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The allegations, which have come to light in a leaked series of emails reported by the website Impolite Conservations and local news site Heb Web paint a picture of infighting, secrecy and unaccountability within the local Conservative party, with relations between the MP and the local members described as “toxic” by the resigning Chairman.

This state of affairs is directly attributed to a “breakdown in relations with the MP and two officers of the Association”, which directly implicates Conservative Group Leader Cllr Scott Benton & the Association Treasurer (and new Mayor of Calderdale) Cllr Howard Blagborough, both of whom represent Brighouse Ward.

Councillor James Baker leader of Calderdale Liberal Democrats said “We are calling on Craig Whittaker MP to explain to the people who elected him what has gone on here. People deserve transparency and openness from their politicians. We have also called on Calderdale Council to investigate this matter as it implicates both the leader of the Conservative group and the Mayor of Calderdale.”

Jennie Rigg, Chair of Calderdale Liberal Democrats & candidate for Brighouse Ward said “Scott Benton has to give answers to these serious allegations. As leader of the Conservative group on Calderdale Council he has a duty to explain himself.”

Councillor James Baker elected new leader of Calderdale Liberal Democrats

Councillor James Baker

Councillor James Baker

Councillor James Baker has been unanimously elected as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats on Calderdale Council. The election at today’s group meeting occurred after the previous leader Janet Battye failed to get re-elected in Calder Ward.

Councillor Baker said “Despite the loss of Janet, these elections results were better for us than last year. We won three wards in Calderdale, including a gain of Labour in Warley ward and across the country we gained 45 seats which is more than any other party.”

“I’m delighted to have been elected as the new leader of our group. I want to set out a principled vision of what Liberalism means and what it is that Calderdale Liberal Democrats stand for. Locally that means a focus on community politics, taking power away from the Town Hall and giving it to local people, and pursuing polices that seek to enhance people’s personal freedoms”.

“As our constitution states the Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.”

Thanks to local people for their support – Letter from Janet Battye

Although I’m disappointed to have lost my seat on Calderdale Council in last week’s elections, I’d like to thank local people for their support for the last 12 years and for the privilege of serving them as one of their Councillors for Calder ward over that time.

I have tried to keep in touch with local people across the ward primarily through the Parish Councils but also by providing what I hope has been a useful service to people to resolve individual problems (through ward surgeries and responding promptly to local people), promote the needs of local people and help them develop the services they require. I am particularly proud of the amount of “assets” transferred from Calderdale Council to local people – including Hebden Bridge Town Hall, the Picture House, allotments and Great Rock at Blackshawhead. I hope that plans to move the market in Hebden Bridge into Lees Yard will come to fruition to act as a focal point for local shops.

There are three current issues that I want to make sure are worked through: recovery and future resilience from the Boxing Day floods, Neighbourhood and Local Plans, especially making sure that our beautiful countryside is protected and houses built where we want them; and the development of Care Closer to Home in our local Health Centres.

During my time on Calderdale Council, I’ve been privileged to be the Leader of the Council and Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board (I was especially looking forward to reviewing the Wellbeing Plan for Calderdale). I’ve seen economic development gather pace with building work around Halifax Town Centre (Broad Street, Piece Hall and the new Central Library and archives) and the promise of more integrated transport as we’ve retained out local buses and improving our train services. I hope that the drive to reduce carbon emissions and improve the use of renewable energy will continue through Calder Energy Future, as well as the remarkable achievements in waste collection and recycling.

As a child care social worker and Primary school teacher, I’m pleased that services to the most vulnerable children are no longer “requiring improvement” and credit must be given to Council staff for their hard work, and the support of partner agencies (especially the Police and Health Service).

Involving local people is a high priority for Liberal Democrats and I do hope that the improvements that have been made in public consultation and making it easier for local people to contact the Council are maintained. I am worried that the personal contact of Customer First seems to be diminishing and I’m not convinced that “community hubs” are fully appreciated, despite their value being proved by the floods.

It has always been important to me to be a Liberal Democrat: trying to “build and safeguard a fair, free and open society” balancing the needs of individuals with communities. I have been Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Calderdale Council as well as putting these values into practice locally which I will continue to do both within the local community as well as in my continuing role as Town Councillor for Stoodley ward on Todmorden Town Council. There’s still a lot to do to make life in the Upper Calder Valley even better than it is. This is a good place to live.

Yours sincerely

Janet Battye

Election results in Calderdale

Last year was a bad year for Liberal Democrats across the country. In Calderdale we managed to win just one ward at the local elections in 2015. Many people wrote us off as finished. Instead we have carried on fighting to represent people. Our membership is made up of local residents who want to make a difference in our communities. We believe in community politics, empowering local people and the ideas of personal freedom and liberalism. All of our polices locally are formed democratically by our members.

This year we are pleased to see our membership increasing and to have won three wards in the local elections. Making a gain from Labour in Warley Ward, and holding our seats in Greetland and Stainland and Elland. We are however very saddened to lose Janet Battye as the Councillor in Calder ward. Janet is still a Town Councillor in Todmorden and she has vowed to continue to work to represent people there. The results this year are signs that far from being dead, we are making progress in our recovery.
We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported us, to all our voters, helpers, candidates and members. After a short break we shall return to campaign to remain in Europe in the forthcoming referendum.

Council Working Groups to be Open to Public

Liberal Democrat councillors have welcomed the decision to hold meetings of Council Working Groups in public.

Cllr James Baker (Liberal Democrat, Warley) told us: “I raised this matter at the Council Meeting held in February and so I am very pleased that it has been accepted by the Council. This is an important step in making the council more open and accountable to the public. As a result of us raising this issue, the public will now be able to attend Council meetings that were previously held behind closed doors”

“There will be times when information about individuals or sensitive financial matters are being discussed and these will have to be considered in private, but that is no different to what happens now at all Council committee meetings. The important principle has been established that these meetings will be held in public unless there is a very good reason not to.”

“This is just the latest example of something that Liberal Democrat councillors have pursued over many years. We pressed for a public question time at meetings of the full Council, and introduced it at Cabinet meetings. The public have a right to know not only what decisions have been taken on their behalf, but also how those decisions are arrived at. This should be a more open process from now on” said Cllr Baker.

Calderdale Labour leader rejects calls to take action against candidate defending Ken Livingstone’s ‘Hitler’ comments.

Both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have asked that the Calderdale Labour party take action against a Calderdale Labour candidate who has called for Ken Livingstone to be reinstated into the Labour party. Their candidate has also shared a story that claims Livingstone was ‘vindicated’ in making his anti-Semitic ‘Hitler’ comments. The story rakes up an old conspiracy theory that Hitler was a Zionist which was first cooked up by up by an American Trotskyist called Lenni Brenner.

A further Labour candidate has shared a petition calling on John Mann to be expelled from the Labour party. This is the MP who stood up to Ken Livingstone for making his comments about Hitler and Zionism.


mn ken

However rather than take action against these candidates the Labour leader has sought to defend their actions. Claiming that they are opposed to anti-Semitism. He goes on to warn the  Conservative leader and another Conservative Councillor about possible legal consequences for making allegations against Labour candidates. You can read a copy of his email that was sent to members of the Council below.
Thank you for your email.
I can assure you that every member of the Labour group, and all our candidates, stand by the values stated in the amended resolution from the council debate last Wednesday.
And to provide further context, rather than the selective quotes forwarded to you, M Naeem has also clearly indicated his support for Jeremy Corbyn’s statement on the issue confirming his and our opposition to anti-semitism.
This is an important issue which should not be used for cynical political advantage. I was therefore shocked and dismayed to see Cllr Tagg say in the forwarded email “we need to take advantage of this”. I hope that you will agree that this is completely unacceptable.
May I also point out that both you and Cllr Tagg have re-published the email subject line, “Anti-Semitic Labour candidates”. As the email names two individuals, this appears to be a specific allegation that these two individuals are anti -Semitic. I am not a lawyer but that would seem to be potentially libellous and may also involve the publication of a false statement regarding a candidate, which is an election offence under s106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983. This is likely to be particularly serious in regard to Naeem, who was for many years the Chief Executive of Rochdale Racial Equality Council. –
Email to Councillors from Tim Swift – Labour Council leader – 2nd May 2016

Calderdale Council has spent £327,000 on empty offices at Dean Clough.


Calderdale Council moved out of the offices it was leasing at Dean Clough two years ago, but is still paying £163,500 per year for the space. That means that the Council has paid out nearly one-third of a million pounds for something that is of no benefit for the people of Calderdale.

As the lease has over six years still to run, a further million pounds could well be wasted in the same way. Clearly the Council needs to take action to reduce this wasteful spending or, hopefully, get rid of it altogether.

This also calls into question the wisdom of the Council in entering into long leases that it can’t easily get out of.

Even if the Council’s coffers were overflowing with cash, this would be an unacceptable waste of public money. In these difficult times it is even more intolerable.

The tax-payers of Calderdale and the Council staff who are at risk of losing their jobs over the coming years would be right to be appalled by this wasteful use of scarce resources.