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Calderdale Liberal Democrats have expressed dismay that the report of the Council’s People’s Commission into health and social care services is being kept under wraps until a Special Council meeting on Monday February 9th. Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Cllr Janet Battye said: “This has been a good piece of cross-party working and we’ve agreed on the […]

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Update on how bad weather is impacting on Council services

by calderdalelibdems on January 21, 2015

Service Service is… Brief message for customers   Bins (inc recycling and waste)     Suspended   All waste and recycling collection services are suspended until further notice. Conditions will continue to be monitored, and weather permitting services will restart tomorrow from where they finished today. Please be patient, leave materials out and crews will […]

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We are dismayed at the Conservative Cabinet’s proposals that “discretionary services” should take the biggest cut if large savings have to be made in three years’ time (2017/18). Cutting “discretionary services” could mean anything from shutting libraries, stopping giving grants to voluntary organisations, to reducing gritting to a bare minimum. The Cabinet Budget proposes that £2.6m […]

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Terrorism must not the excuse to curb civil liberties

by calderdalelibdems on January 13, 2015

Dr Mick Taylor writes: The world has seen a rise is senseless and appalling attacks on people exercising the right of free speech. Most immediate is the slaughter of the editor and staff at Charlie Hebdo in France by people who claim to have been offended by the magazine, which regularly lampoons both politics and […]

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Derelict Sites in Todmorden

by jamesbaker on January 12, 2015

The state of the derelict sites in Todmorden is an important local issue that Liberal Democrats in Todmorden have been trying to get Calderdale Council to tackle for some time. The Council has the power to act, but has not always shown the willingness we would like. The lack of action by the previous Labour […]

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NHS Funding

by jamesbaker on January 6, 2015

The Liberal Democrats have today set out how we will safeguard the NHS for the future. Under Liberal Democrat spending plans, NHS funding will be at least £8bn higher per year in real terms by 2020. The Liberal Democrats are the only political party to set out a credible road map for how we will […]

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Calderdale’s Council’s Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel, has appointed a cross-party scrutiny review group of Councillors to look at the relationship between the local environment and public health. The chair of this newly appointed detailed Scrutiny Review Group,  Liberal Democrat Councillor James Baker, commenting on this important piece of research work said:- The Scrutiny Review […]

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Labour in a Mess

by jamesbaker on

Labour councillors spent a large part of the Council  meeting this week arguing against a Liberal Democrat amendment – described as “mean-spirited” – proposing that “Council calls on Cabinet to ensure that this Council makes full use of the funding available to it to support those in financial hardship.” We put forward this amendment as […]

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Meeting with Sir David Higgins A memorable meeting for a number of reasons: David Higgins seems to be a calm, bright and perceptive man and hugely influential (which proves the point about how important transport is for driving the economy). The little report: Rebalancing Britian: from HS2 toward a national transport strategy is a good […]

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Revealed – Labour’s secret sell-off plan

by jamesbaker on November 10, 2014

Liberal Democrat councillors in Calderdale have today exposed the previous Labour administration’s plans for a wholesale sell-off of council-owned properties – plans that were to remain under wraps until after next year’s elections.

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